Thank you Y5 :)

To my wonderful Y5 class,

I have loved teaching you this year; you have been such a great class and I am really going to miss you all!

Thank you so much for all my fabulous gifts and cards, I am overwhelmed by your generosity and all your lovely messages.

Enjoy the summer and I look forward to seeing you in your smart Year 6 jumpers in September,

Love Mrs Hoban X

Ronen and the ice man

A long , long time ago, on a Greek Island where the sun blazed down on the land where flowers shined in the sunlight . In the village people lived happily with their king, children splashed in the sea as fishermen came back from their fishing trips.  But… not all of the Island was perfect. Half of the Island was snowy mountains.  No one went into the mountains, because no one came out .


A young man called Ronen lived in the village with his family . He was a fine hunter with many skills . He would help with any job and he was very strong , brave and very smart . Ronen was the best man to do a job for you .


One day , Ronen was sent to the palace to see the king . The king told Ronen about the beast in the mountains . The beast was guarding treasure like no other and sent Ronen to retrieve the treasure .


The next day, Ronen set off on his journey. He trotted through the forest on his horse called Bolt . Ronen was wondering what the beast looked like, all he knew was that it was bigger then him . He trotted through the forest , wen he came across a little hut. Outside of the hut was a old man ,Ronen went down to see the old man .  He gave Ronen a sword and a shield to kill the beast. He also gave him some armour to protect him, the old man said it was armour of a God.  Ronen thanked the old man and set off on his journey .


Finally, Ronen made it to the mountains and stood right under the cave, Ronen left Bolt at the bottom, as Ronen climbed up to the cave , when he entered , he saw a dark gloomily cave.  Suddenly , his sword started to glow and glow and glow and glow until right in front of him stood a white massive figure . With, sharp claws on his purple hands . It’s huge teeth smothered in blood and slime . Ronen went for the kill , but the beast swiped the sword out of his hands and down the mountain. The beast went to punch Ronen. But Ronen grabbed his shield and put it in the direction of the monster’s fist . A loud clanging noise filled the cave .  Suddenly ,  Ronen’s sword zoomed like a arrow and landed in Ronen’s hands, it was still glowing . The Beast smacked the sword out of his hands once more and he went to pick it up . But , try as he might , the Beast could not pick the sword up because it was as heavy as stone to the Beast , but as light as a feather to Ronen . The sword flew back to Ronen’s hands again . Ronen went for it , he threw his sword at the Beast . The sword flew , flew , flew and flew until … the sword sliced the monster’s head .  The beast was slayed .


As Ronen retrieved the treasure , villagers came to see what had happened.  The villagers helped Ronen carry back the treasure to the village, everyone was thrilled to see Ronen alive as they travelled back.


As Ronen entered into the village, crowds of people raced over to where he was standing.  The King awarded Ronen with a mansion to live in instead of a farm, with his Mother and Father.  The King shared the treasure with all of the village.  Ronen and the villagers had a massive party and lived peacefully until next time …………




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art time



Every Tuesday we have art. Mrs Holmes has us for art, she is such an amazing drawerer. We do all types like :


finger painting

our own cameos

and lots more fun art activities, it’s so fun having art in year 5



Fun in art

In art we do lots of different and fun things like:

  • Painting
  • Sketching
  • Mosaic
  • Aboriginal
  • And lots more

In art we have a really good teacher called Mrs Holmes, she is really good at art and will always help you if your stuck. Doing art calms most people down when they feel stressed or annoyed. Some people love art, some people are not to ceen but that is their opinion.